Uniswap blocked 253 addresses. Some of them are associated with Tornado Cash

Uniswap blocked 253 addresses. Some of them are associated with Tornado Cash

The leading non -codial exchanger Uniswap blocked at the level of the front -end level of 253 addresses related to criminal operations and activity on the sucker mixing platform Tornado Cash.

UNISWAP HAS Provided An Unusual LEVEL of Transparency ReTend Censoring Via Trm Labs.

They Havy Even Shared the Logs from Their Server.
https: // t.Co/2JBimqfbui

The addresses were blacklisted for four months with the participation of the analytical company TRM Labs. Uniswap Labs first revealed data on such locks.

Developer Jordan Frankfurt in the comments on GitHub noted that even addresses were initially restricted, only indirectly related to sanctions. Then the exchange somewhat narrowed the sample. Now addresses from sanctions lists, as well as directly related to the activities of attackers, are subject to locks.

TRM Labs checks and classifies suspicious addresses in several categories. The https://gagarin.news/news/jack-dorseys-first-tweet-nft-price-to-lose-2-9-million-in-a-new-auction/ main of them:

  • stolen funds;
  • related to the Tornado Cash mixer;
  • suction addresses;
  • associated with benches;
  • involved in famous hacker groups;
  • used to finance terrorism;
  • Enviated in the distribution of children’s pornography.

The developer Banteg counted 30 addresses in the ENS format in the list. He suggested that most of them belong to ordinary users who are not involved in illegal activities.

Uniswap Labs began blocking the address at the front -end level in April.

Recall that TRM Labs analysts called sanctions against Tornado Cash a call for compliance.

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