libusb hidapi: A Simple library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices on Linux, Mac and Windows

The one feature on this list that may be of interest to non-corporate users is BitLocker, which allows security-minded folks to encrypt their hard drives. It also includes the BitLocker To Go feature, which lets you encrypt USB drives. When you use several devices and cloud services, your system is only as good as the lowest-level software you have. So I have SP4 with Pro, but my desktop at home has Home, so I end up using my personal OneDrive for syncing across devices . When I can sync the photos from my phone to my Exchange OneDrive, and access other files on it, I’ll switch to Pro on my desktop as well. Finally, the build number is a bit more specific in helping determine what updates you have installed.

You just need to remember that after switching java version with script and closing terminal, next terminal will open with java default version, not the one from last script run. Try creating files in some other directory and then move those files to java folder. While moving, Windows will show a Administrator dialog box, click YES. The script updates the JAVA_HOME environment variable and inserts the bin directory at the beginning of the Path variable. That makes it the first directory to be searched for the corresponding executable when you run Java commands such as java or javac. Installing multiple Java versions in parallel is incredibly easy in Windows.

  • If you leave it on though, it drains battery juice fast.
  • Click to see “Add a Bluetooth device” and you’ll see a list of available devices.
  • Since quitting apps is such a foundational macOS operation, there are more than a few ways to do it.

The Windows Key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut can also be used to activate the Screen Sketch’s screen capturing features. The New Snipping feature will grant you access to the Free Form and Full-Screen icons, and you can select them by clicking on their icons at the top of the screen. Simply pressing the PrtSc key on the top right of your keyboard takes a screenshot and copies it to the clipboard. As this requires just a single keypress, it is probably the easiest method, though it doesn’t give any feedback or even save it as a file. Or you can directly use this free screenshot tool, it works fine on Surface Pro 2 or even the new Surface, plus, it can help to edit screenshot or even share images online. Anyway, there are many options available, you can take your pick.

How To Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Since it may also be loaded on a USB and used by admins to do an urgent check of an infected machine, it is sometimes known as a portable antivirus. Very often, further weakness is caused by the user. Frequently used or weak passwords, careless downloading of dangerous software, or both can make you especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you manually install updates, you can miss important new security measures and leave your machine open to malware.

Intel plans to expand its Wi-Fi 7 development efforts ahead of… In October, official responses to comments on the Dropbox forums suggested Dropbox had no plans to add support for Apple silicon… Most of the apps available on Google play store or iOS Appstore are made exclusively for mobile platforms. But do you know you can still use any of your favorite Android or iOS apps on your laptop even if the official version for PC platform not available?


Users can also choose to view notifications in modal alert windows by adjusting the application’s notification settings. Introduced with iOS 8, widgets are now accessible through the Notification Center, defined by 3rd parties. In September 2007, Apple announced the iPod Touch, a redesigned iPod based on the iPhone form factor. It also includes a mobile version of Safari for web browsing, as well as access to the App Store, iTunes Library, iBookstore, Contacts, and Notes. Content is downloadable via Wi-Fi and optional 3G service or synced through the user’s computer.

However, if you don’t find any, your computer doesn’t support it. You can always get a Bluetooth receiver or a dongle to get around it. You’d be surprised how many people figure out only too late that they’re missing Bluetooth from their computer. This is just a simple check that anyone who’s trying to connect a Bluetooth device to their PC for the first time should do.

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